Mitfahrersuche is a car sharing app in Germany. I analyzed and redesigned this application as a warm-up exercise in a course at the university. The original version of this app is a bad example of app design. It’s not just about the colors and the layout, which were chosen very unprofessionally, but also about the logic in the background. At first glance, the user feels that this app cannot be trusted. It is not easy to use, navigate, and there is no data protection policy information that does not impress users so well.

The most important part of analyzing this app was to find the wrong approach that some random companies have. They want to save money by using a website as an app, which is completely wrong because the app seems to be a mess. The function of both products is the same, but they should be designed according to the different approaches, since the devices have different systems and are used very differently by the users. For the reasons mentioned above, this app needed to be redesigned. And here is my version.

Mobil MitF


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