All together now?

All together now is a project by the students of the University of Hildesheim who are studying cultural studies.
This project is about meetings of cultural scientists and students. In addition, workshops were planned that gave everyone the chance to exchange thoughts, ideas and hopes. In order to draw attention to this festival, the organizers needed advertisements. For this purpose, a logo, posters and postcard and most importantly a website were designed. I chose the orange color because this color is the international color of culture. The logo consists of a speech bubble as well as lines drawn around it. This logo denotes the coming together of the mentioned groups and the different cultures.
Since the festival takes place annually in Hildesheim, the outline of an image of an old building was used on the background of the design.
The website was designed using Word press. It consists of five pages, which were created in combination with the design of the printed media.


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